Quantity Control Program

​​​​​​​​​​​Weights and Measures Inspectors inspect the packaged goods to verify the weight, volume or count of the packaging. All packaged commodities must have a label indicating the net quantity on the principal display side of the package, which is the side of the package that consumers see. The net quantity excludes any wrapping or container for the product. Weights and Measures quantity control inspectors test these products using statistical methods to verify that the packages hold the correct amount and the attached label meets all requirements of the Federal Uniform Packaging and Labeling Regulation​​, and California's Fair Packaging and Labeling Act

Weights and Measures inspectors conduct undercover test purchases to verify that weighing and measuring devices are being used properly, and the correct tare weight (the weight of any sanitary paper, wrapping, cup, or container) is used. 


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 ​Get What You Pay For

 All customers are entitled to get the amount of product they pay for. If you ​have any concerns about any transactions please submit the online complaint form.  ​

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