Agricultural Advisory Committee

The Agricultural Advisory Committee was originally created in 1989 to address complaints related to urban/agricultural interface issues and the Sacramento County Right to Farm Ordinance. In 2011, a County ordinance expanded the duties of the Agricultural Advisory Committee to 1) provide assistance and guidance in the implementation of the Sacramento General Plan, including but not limited to, the Agricultural Element; 2) provide recommendations to the Board of Supervisors regarding land use modifications that may impact agricultural operations in the County; 3) provide input on applications for Williamson Act Contracts; 4) provide input on administration of Williamson Act Contracts, including compliance issues; and 5) provide recommendations to the Agricultural Commissioner in regard to Right to Farm complaints and acceptable farming practices.

The Agricultural Advisory Committee members serve a four year term and represent the many facets of Sacramento County agriculture. Meetings are held bi-monthly, during the months of January, March, May, July, September, and November.

The current members are:

Ken Oneto (Chair); orchards, vineyards, row crops

Steve Campbell (Vice-Chair); rural residents

Brian Fishback; commercial bee keeping

Michael Wackman; natural resources and wineries

Charlotte Mitchell; natural resources and poultry

Jim Vietheer; livestock

Brad van Loben Sels; farm management

Morgan Doran; UC Cooperative Extension

Vacant; agricultural economics

​To contact the Agricultural Advisory Committee, please send an email to

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